Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Temple Feeds Teaser

is a photography work depicting the working life of people at Severn Project. Severn Project is an urban gardening project supporting socially excluded individuals working on reclaimed disused land to grow vegetables.

These photographs were taken on the Temple Meads site next to Bristol’s main railway station and in Keynsham the first site that Severn Project has developed. The piece of land at Temple Meads although originally was part of open fields have suffered heavily during the industrial revolution with all the soil pollution one can imagine from oil mills, paint makers, tar and resin distillers. The soil is now have been decontaminated and with brand new soil imported now it grows lettuce for the people of Bristol.

For this work I didn’t only document the place and people but held a few introductory photography sessions to the participants and left them with disposable cameras offering a chance to show how do they feel, what do they think about they working life and their environment.

I believe we all learned from each other during the process and the final exhibition which will be held on the Bath Bridge in May is the result of this collaboration. Here you can see a small selection of the images.

Photograph © Peter Carne
Photograph © Simon White & Peter Carne

This work is a graduate bursary from Second Chances wich is part of

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