Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Latest Adventure in Bedmo

Bedminster Parade definitely has seen better days, industry having once brought prosperity to the area. Today its main feature is the Asda supermarket and it has not seen further major development in recent years. The characters and the features of this high street had fascinated me every time I shopped at Asda. After a while I couldn’t resist taking my camera with me for my shopping trips and recently I found myself skipping the shopping bit entirely and just hanging around with only a camera in hand. These images are from my ongoing project introducing Bedminster Parade and its people. 



  1. Great images of locals in Bedminster - I hope I find your Nuns soon....

    Red Trike

  2. Hey I can't see the pics! Is there any problem with the webpage?

    1. Hi,

      Very sorry something has gone wrong and it seams that I will have to reload all the images. It might will take a little time but please bear with me I hope it won't be long from now on. Also has got a few new ones to show...